Bowel morphology

Transmural healing

Here we have a person with ileal Crohn’s disease

We can also see here it’s a fairly long stretch running into the pelvis

We can measure bowel wall thickness, but where? Inter-reader agreement even between experts is low and bowel wall thickness as a treatment response measure can be difficult to use outside of extreme cases.

Introducing GISeg

Inspired by oncology and other areas of imaging, Motilent asked if we could instead assess disease volume to produce a more robust measure and bigger treatment effect size.

Here we can see how GISeg changes before and after treatment, showing a positive treatment response.

Beyond bowel wall thickness

Case Study: GISeg works with conventional coronal T2 HASTE MRI data

GISeg is the first step in a set of developments for more holistic extraction of features of bowel health. From GIseg we get volume, length, min/max lumen and textrual features.

GISeg is increasingly being used in a number of clinical trials.

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