How can we support you to advance the understanding of digestive disease?

Transmural healing

Bowel physiology

Peristalsis as a measure of disease

GIQuant | STMM

Transmural healing

Bowel morphology

Measure disease volume, length and behaviour

GISeg | Polyline | Segmentation

Upper GI symptoms

Gastric MRI

Gastric transit, motility, accommodation and more

GIQuant | STMM | Segmentation

Capture annotations

Custom reporting

Bespoke eCRFs for multi-modality data for clinical trials

Imaging | Endoscopy | Histology

Colorectal imaging


Plan surgery in perianal fistula and measure treatment response


Intestinal ultrasound

Quantitative IUS

Wall layers, peristalsis and doppler quantification

qMotion | qDoppler | qWall


Entrolytics is Motilent's secure end-to-end medical imaging platform optimised for gastrointestinal data. Entrolytics makes it simple to organise, analyse and collaborate, with all your data in one place.

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GIQuant provides an objective score for small bowel disease in children and adults. It analyses MRI data to produce a disease activity score based on small bowel motility. Use it to quickly identify cases where medications are ineffective and thereby optimise patient management.

GIQuant is FDA cleared (Class II) and CE marked (Class IIa), it can be used for adults and children with routine MRE Data.

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