Gastric MRI

Every stomach is different

The stomach is a super sophisticated system breaking down our food and providing a barrier against infection.

It’s highly connected to the brain and to the distal and proximal digestive system i.e. it's talking to the small bowel and colon. There’s a lot to go wrong.

At Motilent we’re interest in three things. Contractility (or motility), accommodation or the ability to make room for food and transit.

Gastric motility

AKA contractility, aka gastric wall motion

MRI is best known for capturing gastric contractions and Motilent provides two methods 1) STMM for measuring gastric contractions in a systematic spatio-temporal manner and 2) with GIQuant which has also proven to be a robust and object method. 

The techniques have been validated in various papers. 

Gastric emptying

Motilent can calculate from MRE gastric emptying following a similar protocol to Scintigraphy and is validated 1:1 with very high level of agreements. The disadvantage is that it can take a long time and gastric emptying is readily calculated with other tests like breath testing.  Papers here

Gastric accommodation

We cannot measure pressure with MRI but we can look at gastric volume (different from content) to provide a delta change pre and post meals. We use this as a surrogate for accommodation which is a value adjunct to motility.

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