Changing the way we see the gut.

Motilent is at the forefront of innovative medical imaging and collaborative technology, helping to improve the lives of patients with digestive diseases.


Motilent’s mission is to change the way we see the gut, with a focus on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Motility disorders within the vast field of Gastroenterology.


In IBD, 60% of patients lose response to treatment after one year. A core contributor to this is the lack of knowledge regarding which treatments are best suited for each patient. This leads to frustration among patients and healthcare providers, as well as significant economic costs. Motilent aims to address this problem by creating technology that offers physicians and researchers real-time insights, aiding in enhanced IBD patient management, and optimising treatment response alongside routine tests.

In the case of Motility disorders, limited knowledge regarding how the digestive system works has impeded the development of therapies, powered trials, and ultimately impacted patient care, with over 20% of the population affected by life-altering gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. Motilent is actively collaborating with several renowned research institutions to develop innovative methods for researching and running trials in Motility disorders such as constipation and gastroparesis.


At Motilent, our collaborative multi-modality platform, Entrolytics and FDA-cleared, CE marked GIQuant technology are driven by a shared mission to change the way we see the gut. Our offerings are united by this common goal, and we invite you to join our community of over 300 users who are advancing patient care and enhancing their knowledge of digestive diseases. Take the first step towards transforming the future of gut health and join us today.


Entrolytics is Motilent’s secure end-to-end medical imaging platform optimised for GI data.

Entrolytics makes it simple to organise, analyse, and collaborate with all of your data in one place.

  • Optimised for GI data
    Upload your ultrasound, MRI, endoscopy and histopathology data from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.
  • A trusted partner
    Our service is used by over 50 leading institutions running over 200 research projects worldwide.
  • Nothing to install
    Our secure, browser-based cloud network requires no additional hardware or software.
  • Simplified data handling
    Easily manage data for research studies with customised user access, permissions and organisation for multi-site trials.
  • Advanced processing tools
    Entrolytics gives you access to the latest image analysis software in MRI, ultrasound, endoscopy and more.
  • Maximise data insights
    AI-integrated technology accelerates imaging research and clinical trials. Focused workflows and advanced tools allow maximum insight from your data.


+Active Users

Entrolytics is the only product I’ve found which excels at state-of-the-art reporting, and multi-centre clinical research. It has the potential to help me deliver objective insights, as opposed to opinion alone, to my gastroenterologists and surgeons, without adding to the burden of my existing caseload. I am desperate to get it into use in my clinical workstream.

Dr Gauraang Bhatnagar - Radiology Lead at Motilent, and an Academic and Clinical Radiologist in Surrey, UK

Dynamic 'cine' MRI offers a new and potentially powerful perspective on gastrointestinal function, especially in conditions like Crohn's where hypo-motility is related to disease activity. Objective assessment of this data with GIQuant could represent an important advance in how we quantify this in the clinic.

Prof Stuart Taylor - Consultant Radiologist at University College London, UK

I‘ve used the Entrolytics platform in my research trials…it has been indispensable. Gone are the days of DICOM email attachments [and] measurements recorded in spreadsheets. Entrolytics is the future of auditable, high-quality research.

Dr Harbir Sidhu - Consultant Radiologist at UCLH, UK

We now have a lot of therapies for patients with Crohn’s Disease. What is lacking is the tests to match the patient with the best treatment for them. GIQuant is a new tool for small bowel Crohn’s based on MRI…I get a simple, objective score for a small bowel lesion helping me track treatment response. Non-invasive, objective and widely available tools like GIQuant are crucial to managing growing budgets and improving patient outcomes.

Dr Gordon Moran - Gastroenterologist at the University of Nottingham, UK

A fantastic, purpose-built platform for multi-rater scoring and mark-up of IBD imaging.

Prof. Jonathan Dillman - Pediatric Radiologist, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

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Changing the way we see the gut.

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