41 publications

A Probabilistic Method for Estimation of Bowel Wall Thickness in MR Colonography

Hampshire T, Menys A, Jaffer A, Bhatnagar G, Punwani S, Atkinson D, Halligan S, Hawkes DJ, Taylor SA.

Feasibility of vocal fold abduction and adduction assessment using cine-MRI

Baki MM, Menys A, Atkinson D, Bassett P, Morley S, Beale T, Sandhu G, Naduvilethil G, Stevenson N, Birchall MA, Punwani S.

Colonic response to laxative ingestion as assessed by MRI differs in constipated irritable bowel syndrome compared to functional constipation

Lam C, Chaddock G, Marciani L, Costigan C, Paul J, Cox E, Hoad C, Menys A, Pritchard S, Garsed K, Taylor S, Atkinson D, Gowland P, Spiller R.

Colon wall motility: comparison of novel quantitative semi-automatic measurements using cine MRI

Hoad CL, Menys A, Garsed K, Marciani L, Hamy V, Murray K, Costigan C, Atkinson D, Major G, Spiller RC, Taylor SA, Gowland PA.

Aberrant Motility in Unaffected Small Bowel is Linked to Inflammatory Burden and Patient Symptoms in Crohn's Disease

Menys A, Makanyanga J, Plumb A, Bhatnagar G, Atkinson D, Emmanuel A, Taylor SA.

Magnetic resonance imaging-quantified small bowel motility is a sensitive marker of response to medical therapy in Crohn's disease

Plumb AA, Menys A, Russo E, Prezzi D, Bhatnagar G, Vega R, Halligan S, Orchard TR, Taylor SA.

Dual registration of abdominal motion for motility assessment in free-breathing data sets acquired using dynamic MRI

Menys A, Hamy V, Makanyanga J, Hoad C, Gowland P, Odille F, Taylor SA, Atkinson D.

Respiratory motion correction in dynamic MRI using robust data decomposition registration - application to DCE-MRI

Hamy V, Dikaios N, Punwani S, Melbourne A, Latifoltojar A, Makanyanga J, Chouhan M, Helbren E, Menys A, Taylor S, Atkinson D.

Small bowel strictures in Crohn's disease: a quantitative investigation of intestinal motility using MR enterography

Menys A, Helbren E, Makanyanga J, Emmanuel A, Forbes A, Windsor A, Punwani S, Halligan S, Atkinson D, Taylor SA.

Global small bowel motility: assessment with dynamic MR imaging

Menys A, Taylor SA, Emmanuel A, Ahmed A, Plumb AA, Odille F, Alam A, Halligan S, Atkinson D.

Quantified terminal ileal motility during MR enterography as a potential biomarker of Crohn's disease activity: a preliminary study

Menys A, Atkinson D, Odille F, Ahmed A, Novelli M, Rodriguez-Justo M, Proctor I, Punwani S, Halligan S, Taylor SA.

Quantitative assessment of small bowel motility by nonrigid registration of dynamic MR images

Odille F, Menys A, Ahmed A, Punwani S, Taylor SA, Atkinson D.

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