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Magnetic resonance imaging of the gastrointestinal tract shows reduced small bowel motility and altered chyme in cystic fibrosis compared to controls

Dellschaft NS, Ng C, Hoad C, Marciani L, Spiller R, Stewart I, Menys A, Barr H, Gowland PA, Major G, Smyth AR.

Emerging Imaging Biomarkers in Crohn Disease

Bane O, Gee MS, Menys A, Dillman JR, Taouli B.

MR Measures of Small Bowel Wall T2 Are Associated With Increased Permeability

Scott RA, Williams HG, Hoad CL, Alyami A, Ortori CA, Grove JI, Marciani L, Moran GW, Spiller RC, Menys A, Aithal GP, Gowland PA.

Quantitative assessment of terminal ileum motility on MR enterography in Crohn disease: a feasibility study in children

Cococcioni L, Fitzke H, Menys A, Gaunt T, Kumar S, Kiparissi F, Rampling D, Palm L, Taylor SA, Watson TA.

Serum Scoring and Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Intestinal Failure-Associated Liver Disease: A Feasibility Study

Fragkos KC, Picasso Bouroncle MC, Kumar S, Caselton L, Menys A, Bainbridge A, Taylor SA, Torrealdea F, Kumagai T, Di Caro S, Rahman F, Macnaughtan J, Chouhan MD, Mehta S.

The MRI colonic function test: Reproducibility of the Macrogol stimulus challenge

Wilkinson-Smith V, Menys A, Bradley C, Corsetti M, Marciani L, Atkinson D, Coupland C, Taylor SA, Gowland P, Spiller R, Hoad C.

Gastrointestinal peptides and small-bowel hypomotility are possible causes for fasting and postprandial symptoms in active Crohn's disease

Khalaf A, Hoad CL, Menys A, Nowak A, Radford S, Taylor SA, Latief K, Lingaya M, Falcone Y, Singh G, Spiller RC, Gowland PA, Marciani L, Moran GW.

Automated versus subjective assessment of spatial and temporal MRI small bowel motility in Crohn's disease

Gollifer RM, Menys A, Plumb A, Mengoudi K, Puylaert CAJ, Tielbeek JAW, Ponsioen CY, Vos FM, Stoker J, Taylor SA, Atkinson D.
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