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Simultaneous assessment of colon motility in children with functional constipation by cine-MRI and colonic manometry: a feasibility study

Vriesman MH, de Jonge CS, Kuizenga-Wessel S, Adler B, Menys A, Nederveen AJ, Stoker J, Benninga MA, Di Lorenzo C.

Measurement of fasted state gastric antral motility before and after a standard bioavailability and bioequivalence 240 mL drink of water: Validation of MRI method against concomitant perfused manometry in healthy participants

Heissam K, Abrehart N, Hoad CL, Wright J, Menys A, Murray K, Glover PM, Hebbard G, Gowland PA, Baker J, Hasler WL, Spiller RC, Corsetti M, Brasseur JG, Hens B, Shedden K, Dickens J, Mudie DM, Amidon GE, Amidon GL, Marciani L.

The MRI colonic function test: Reproducibility of the Macrogol stimulus challenge

Wilkinson-Smith V, Menys A, Bradley C, Corsetti M, Marciani L, Atkinson D, Coupland C, Taylor SA, Gowland P, Spiller R, Hoad C.

Spatio-temporal motility MRI analysis of the stomach and colon

Menys A, Hoad C, Spiller R, Scott SM, Atkinson D, Marciani L, Taylor SA.
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